Wellness treatments

Tahiti Butter Massage:
We were inspired by the Hawaiian tradition, for this 100% organic butter, perfect for performing the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique, described like gentle sea waves moving over the body. Through Lomi Lomi, – the ideal lymphatic drainage massage-, stress and tension are relieved thanks to gentle and soothing – yet invigorating – flowing strokes across the entire body.


Bora Bora Sand Scrub:
This exfoliating treatment will gently remove dead cells and leave the skin soft and silky smooth. A unique blend of coconut oil and Tiare flowers with grains of Bora Bora fine pink sand.


Tiare Flowers Sea Salt Scrub:
This sea salt scrub is a highly refined product consisting of all the active principles in sea water, such as natural iodine, manganese, copper, zinc.
In addition to removing dead cells, it helps re-mineralizing the skin while excess fluids are removed by osmosis, further assisting the tonicity of tissues in the body.


The Royal Scrub Treatment:
The combination with Argan Oil allows not to completely remove the skin surface lipid film, leaving an extraordinary smooth and glowing skin.
It has the specific function of softening the skin, to reduce sebum secretion, to regenerate the skin, removing dead skin cells and rebalance it by shrinking and minimizing pores, giving skin a supreme soft and silky feel.


Berber Massage Oil:
It consists of a blend of precious oils such as Argan oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and natural anti-aging vitamin E. 100% natural and organic active ingredients. Thanks to the high dose of unsaturated fat, it can stimulate cell regeneration, restructuring the skin and softening even the deepest wrinkles while deeply hydrating the skin.


Body Honey Wrap:
Prevent the signs of aging and cutaneous relaxation with this special nourishing treatment; natural honey has remarkable soothing properties, regenerates the superficial cells in the skin, nourishes the epithelium and activate and improve your circulation in the capillaries, making the skin smooth and soft.


Green Tea Body Peel off Treatment:
This special treatment has detoxifying properties and thanks to its content enriched with diatoms algae can help remove impurities, catabolic substances that damage your skin, thus giving instant hydration and an immediate skin firmer effect.


Hibiscus Flower Scrub:
This treatment contains a unique exfoliating agent obtained from the seeds of Hibiscus flower, genuinely rich in anthocyanosides and bioflavonoids. This gentle delicate scrub provides hydration and nourishment for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.


Chocolate Mud Wrap:
This particularly rich and hot chocolate mud, allows you to indulge in the relaxing and nourishing properties of cocoa, giving a toned and slender appearance to the skin, contributing to the improvement of microcirculation, while fighting the fatigue that accompanies the evolution of the EFSP.


Rose Body Massage Honey:
Honey is a natural antiseptic and has a soothing, invigorating action which can be felt on the whole body. Rose is considered a real treasure for dry and delicate skins, while enjoying your treatment the combination of these precious ingredients will emanate a unique essence, leaving your skin delicately perfumed.