Day Spa

(2 hours)


A highly revitalizing program offering at once a pleasant sensation of well-being thanks to the invigorating effect of a combination of three Clays, combined to an exclusive manicure treatment

Clay Body Treatment
Aroma Therapeutic Body Massage
Silky Manicure Treatment

(4,00 hours)

This Program allows You to reach a state of pure relaxation far away from stress and tension.

Following the detoxifying and invigorating effect of the Turkish Bath and Hydro Massage, You are wrapped in the fragrances of the essential massage oils, delighted with the Scalp Massage and face Treatment and gratified with the manicure and pedicure Spa treatment.

Revitalizing Massage
Turkish Bath Hydro Massage
Scalp Massage
Customized Face Treatment
Manicure and Pedicure

(2,30 hours)

A Detoxifying Program which immediately donates a perception of lightness, the sea salt body glow, rich in mineral content, will polish your body and the facial treatment provide a pleasant feeling of serenity and renewed vigour.

Sea Salt Body Glow
Body Relaxation Massage
Facial and Eye Contour Treatment

(3,30 hours)

Deeply indulgent Well-Being Program.

The Special Treatment begins with Your Hands and Feet followed by Body Exfoliation  completing this luxury treatment with a Face and Body Massage.

Welcome Massage Treatment for Your Hands and Feet
Manicure and Pedicure
Sea Salt Exfoliation
Face and Body Massage


(2,30 hours)

Full Body Relaxation Program for real psycho-physical harmony,
thanks to a unique deep Hot Stone Body Massage combined
to a Radiant Face Treatment.

Hot Stone Body Massage
Radiant Face Treatment
Spa Manicure

For  Two (2 hours)

Hydro Massage, Turkish Bath in a Spa Suite
To draw out harmful toxins and restore energy and a sense of well-being.
Aroma Therapeutic Body Relaxation Massage
To Oxygenate your body and mind.
Scalp Massage
To Help Relieve Stress and Increase Blood Circulation.